What's going on in the world of cakes?

Well I'll tell you....
Cakes are becoming more refined thanks to television
shows like Ace of Cakes.. (the original).. Cake Boss &
everything in-between.  
The drama involved in making outrageous cakes
has become a part of our daily lives!
Well, thank goodness for that...
our business is booming!

Here at Couture Cakes we are growing -
getting busier by the day -
and the season has come along.

This page will show you some
of our favorite seasonal specials!

Enjoy the site and let us know how we can help!

Add any questions/comments below. THANKS!

-Esmeralda Pinilla
-Rocio Matiz
Cake Decorator
Happy Celebration

Holiday Cookies
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Assorted Dozen wrapped:

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Try our spiced pumpkin cake filled with vanilla
bean cream cheese and iced with vanilla
Assorted Cookies and cupcakes-